Finance and insurance

Business receipts100.00%
Assets:Business Receipts (x)34.33%
Ordinary income from other partnerships, estates and trusts57.30%
Net gain, noncapital assets1.74%
Other income26.31%
Total deductions79.28%
Cost of goods sold15.98%
Inventory, beginning of year1.12%
Cost of labor0.25%
Additional inventory costs (section 263A)0.06%
Other costs3.48%
Less: Inventory, end of year1.36%
Salaries and wages16.82%
Guaranteed payments to partners2.62%
Rent paid1.41%
Interest paid3.59%
Taxes and licenses1.09%
Bad debts0.97%
Repairs and maintenance0.19%
Retirement plans, etc.0.35%
Employee benefit programs0.87%
Ordinary loss from other partnerships, estates and trusts10.10%
Net loss, noncapital assets0.30%
Other deductions23.53%
Ordinary business income20.72%
Net income36.84%

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