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Income Statement (%)

Broadcasting (except Internet)

4,231 Returns
Business receipts100.00
Cost of goods sold10.98
Gross profit89.02
Compensation of officers6.34
Salaries and wages28.03
Repairs and maintenance0.84
Bad debts0.43
Rents paid2.98
Taxes and licenses5.28
Pension, profit-sharing, etc., plans0.93
Employee benefit programs1.79
Interest paid2.50
Other income1.31
Net Profit31.42

Balance Sheet (%)

Broadcasting (except Internet)

Trade notes an accounts receivables8.12
U.S. government obligations0.00
Tax-exempt securities0.00
Other current assets5.64
Total current assets25.72
Loans to shareholers2.17
Mortgage and real estate loans0.00
Other investments0.00
Gross fixed assets78.46
Accum deprec-amort-depletion62.33
Net fixed assets41.15
Other assets3.92
Total assets100.00
Accounts payable1.37
Mortgages, notes, bonds payable in less than 1 year9.70
Other current liabilities7.53
Total current liabilities18.60
Loans from shareholders10.55
Mortgages, notes, bonds payable in 1 year or more27.32
Other liabilities-2.98
Total liabilities53.50
Net worth46.50
Total liabilities & Net worth100.00


Broadcasting (except Internet)

Return on Sales (%)17.25
Return on Assets (%)37.10
Return on Net Worth (%)1.08
Quick Ratio1.38
Current Ratio833.99
Inventory Turnover1.85
Total Liabilities:Net Worth1.15
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